Elkhart teachers and students have school issued Google accounts. These google accounts are the easiest way to enroll students into programs, engage in conversation with staff, create and share documents, and keep yourself organized. 

To lookup student emails, visit

To lookup staff emails, visit

Google Self-Paced Course

Interested in learning more about the Google universe, and all it can offer you as a teacher? Check out our self-paced canvas course on Google!

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Quick Tip: Cleaning your Gmail, Create a Filter in 40 Seconds

Take a minute out of your day to learn a quick tech tool that will help save you time! This is the first of many quick videos to help clean your Gmail.

Google Calendar

Quick Tip: Add Attachments to Google Events

Did you know if you add attachments to google calendar events EVERYONE has access. Now you won't have to remember to send it out, or change the sharing settings. 

Quick Tip: How to Create a School Staff Calendar

Do you want a calendar for your staff and allow certain users access? Watch this quick video and follow the steps and your calendar will be created in minutes! 

Google Suite:
Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides

Teachers and students have access to  the Google Suite. They provide students with opportunities to easily create and collaborate. Students have access to:

Google Suite Youtube Playlist that covers the topics: