Seesaw is the portfolio system used for all elementary students in Elkhart. While it can act as an LMS, Seesaw's power is in collecting evidence of student learning into journals they can use to showcase work.

Seesaw Self Paced Course

Are you looking to engage in a self-paced course to learn how to better use Seesaw with your classes? Join our Seesaw course here. 

ECS Curated Resources


Seesaw Basics Youtube Playlist featuring topics such as:

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Seesaw Help Center

The Seesaw Help Center is amazing source for all your Seesaw questions. You can find the Help Center at:

ECS Systems

Please note that it takes 24-48 hours for students to show up in systems like Seesaw once they are entered in Powerschool.  If you try logging a student in before that window you will receive a Join Code Error.  Please wait for the information to push to all of our systems.