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"Do The Blue"

Not sure what a typical math block should look like when using Math Expressions? Take a look at the slides below that will walk you through how to "Do The Blue" with Math Expressions.

Differentiation with Math Expressions

Looking to differentiate your teaching with Math Expressions? Take a look at the slides below to see what Math Expressions materials are available on ThinkCentral to help you grow your teaching toolbox. 

National Standards Version Vs. Common Core Version

Our Math Expressions materials list the National Standards (2018)  for each lesson. You may have noticed that it can be tricky to understand and interpret National Standards, especially when relating to Indiana Standards! Although we do not have a side-by-side conversion for you, we do have a resource that identifies that Common Core Standards (2018)  for each math lesson.  This resource may make it easier when trying to math up the IDOE standards with your math lessons. Tap your grade level to open the PDF mathematical standards correlations (replaces page C1 in your Math Expressions manual). 

Quick Practice & Anytime Problems Digital Resources

We have created a slide collection for every unit that gathers all visuals needed for Quick Practices (grades K-6) and Anytime Problems (grades 3-6).  Tap on your grade level, then you can access the entire folder by tapping on the grade level link, or each unit by tapping on the grade and unit desired.  These are view only files, so you will need to make a copy if you want to make any edits. 

K-2 Quick Practices 

K-2 Math Expressions Quick Practices

3-4 Quick Practices & Anytime Problems

3-4 Math Expressions Quick Practices

5-6 Quick Practices & Anytime Problems

5-6 Math Expressions Quick Practices